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Heating and Cooling

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At All Comfort Source we pride ourselves in providing quality sales, installation and repair service for all major brands of air conditioners and heating systems. We offer maintenance contracts and periodical checkups to ensure your air conditioning system is always operating at peak efficiency. If you are in the market for a new system or having problems with your current system, or if you just want us to come check it out and make sure its ready for the upcoming season please give us a call and let us work for you.

Exceptional quality and service at a fair price.

Don’t forget about your home’s duct system
All too often, old heating and air conditioning systems are replaced without giving any thought to the old duct work. Properly installed and maintained duct work can last twenty years or more. But time, heat and humidity can degrade your duct’s insulation. Over the years, your ducts may have collected contaminates that should be removed.

Think about it. Have some of the rooms in your home been less comfortable than others? Too hot or too cold. Now is the time to evaluate the amount of air each room should get and verify that your duct system is clean and configured to deliver the right air to the right rooms. It may even be time to consider replacing your duct system.

You won’t get the full benefit of your new heating and/or air conditioning system if your ducts need repairing or replacing.

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All Comfort Source provides the most professional Air Duct Cleaning in City of IndustryDiamond Bar, Phelps RanchOrange CountySan Gabriel Valley, Riverside, Corona, Orange, and other neighboring cities. Call us today for a free quote and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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